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Day-to-day Timetable (for year 6, year 7, year 8 and year 9)

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Occupational Therapy Resources Page

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Speech and Language Resources Page

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Useful websites 

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Kudos (for year 10, year 11 and 6th form)

As part of the careers guidance and education programme we deliver at Broomhill Bank School, your child has access to Kudos, the latest program from CASCAID.

Kudos is accessible online, and we are encouraging the use of it at home to involve parents with the important decisions your child has to make about their future options.

Kudos will help your child to assess their interests and skills, as well as letting them explore and research different education and career options, enabling them to make informed decisions about their future.

To access the program please visit Your will be able to ‘Log in’ using the access details sent to you via parentmail or through the post.


Once logged in, your child can investigate different jobs, careers and pathways. They can also complete a skills audit which, on completion, will suggest different jobs that they might like to explore based on their preferences.

All CASCAID programs come with a comprehensive range of support materials including the Parents’/Carers’ Guide to Careers Education & Guidance. This Guide will help you understand the options available to your child at each transition stage.

At Broomhill Bank School, our aim is to ensure that all students have the resources to fully explore and research their future options in order to make informed choices. We hope that you find Kudos useful and informative.

If you are unable to access Kudos for any reason or require support, please email

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