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School Provision

School Provision

Students are organised into classes of between 8-10 students, according to level of need, each with their own form tutor.  Lessons are led by subject specialist teachers, and a combination of whole class, group and 1-1 teaching is the norm, usually supported by at least one teaching assistant. There is a consistent focus of facilitating students to learn as independently as possible.

Successful induction to Broomhill Bank is key for all our students, and many of them struggle with the change transition brings. Therefore, when new students are admitted to Year 7 or ‘in-year’ to other class groups, there is significant emphasis upon successful transition and induction, to enable them to become confident and secure adapting to the new routines which a new school brings, and in Year 7 students spend more time based with their Form Tutor/Teaching Assistant than is the case for other classes. For some students, across all year groups, the induction/transition process is especially challenging and in these cases the school Pastoral Team will work with parents to develop a personalised transition plan, over an extended period if necessary.

Across Key Stages 4 and 5 a variety of accredited qualifications are offered, tailored to academic ability and emotional preparedness. These include GCSE, Entry Level and Functional Skills. For some of our students the opportunity to study A level courses either at school or college may also be appropriate.

There is an established Sixth Form Department at Broomhill Bank. Within Sixth Form the focus on preparing students for life intensifies and they have the opportunity to choose from a variety of learning pathways and to experience different academic, vocational and enterprise opportunities. In addition to academic achievement there is a keen focus on developing the life and work-related skills vital to future independence and self-sufficiency

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