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Our Curriculum

The curriculum offer in the Sixth Form is broad, varied and designed to meet the needs of each individual student.

The majority of students move into Sixth Form from KS4, and therefore will be continuing on their academic journey in the form of additional Level 2 (GCSE equivalent) qualifications, including Mathematics and English. For students that have already achieved a higher Level 2 grade of C or above in Mathematics and English and are willing for the challenge, Level 3 (A-Level equivalent) qualifications could be an option, subject to availablilty and current student progress levels. 

Students can continue to work towards Level 2 in a range of pre-configured Options Groups, all of which are listed in our online prospectus. Students are expected to work at a level that is achievable and that will result in learning matched to need; and groups are effectively differentiated to reflect this. Core and Option lessons traditionally take place over a four day period, with Independent Study time incorporated into their timetable. 

Additionally, students will be expected to attend an experiential programme of study, based upon one of the following pathways; Vocational (College), long-term Work Experience Placements (WEX), Therapeutic Intervention or Volunteering. This usually takes place on Fridays, and is used to develop a greater autonomy and independence in our students. We have a very successful working relationship with the Hadlow Group of colleges, including West Kent College, Dartford College and Hadlow, and historically our students have used the placement as a springboard into further education opportunities.


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