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Attendance Matters

Welcome to our attendance information pages.

As the title of this section suggests, attendance really does matter.

The positive impact of full attendance on your child’s success, and ultimately their sense of fulfilment and achievement, is hugely significant at all stages of their education.

Because of this link between achievement and attendance, we are committed to working closely with families at the earliest signs of barriers to full attendance. 

We recognise that some absences are impossible to avoid, particularly for those of our students who have physical, emotional or mental health needs in addition to their speech language and communication needs. To ensure your child is not disadvantaged by high levels of absence, we are committed to working with you so that we are fully informed about your child's health needs and any additional adjustments that might be required to maximise their access to full time education. 

The links below can be used to access information about the ways in which we will work with you at times when your child’s attendance is cause for concern. The links also provide information about other agencies we will work with to seek additional support for your child if the need arises. Some of the links also set out the governmental or county expectations for regular and punctual attendance at school.

We hope you find this information helpful and informative. If you need any further advice or information about the school’s policy and procedures, or about attendance matters in general, please contact the school and we will be pleased to get back to you to discuss your requirements.

Broomhill Bank School Attendance Policy

If you are the parent or carer of a student moving into key stage 4 or 5, you will have already received a letter setting out how significant the impact is of full attendance on your child’s future success and fulfilment. If you would like to access a copy of this letter you will find it  here

Student Attendance improvement plans are designed to help you and your child to think about the support they might need to remove barriers to full attendance.


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