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Protecting Children from Extremism and Radicalisation

Radicalisation & Extremism

At Broomhill Bank school we believe every child and every adult in the world has the right  to live their lives free from the threat of violence and extremism or the risk of radicalisation. We believe it is the right of every adult and child  to experience life in a peaceful society underpinned by the core values we are privileged to enjoy in Britain today, namely;

DemocracyThe rule of lawIndividual libertyMutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

We often hear on the news of young people who have been radicalised and drawn into terrorist groups, but what does that mean?

In simple terms radicalisation is the process of someone developing extremist views. Any idea can be taken to an extreme, but the type of extremism that can pose a risk to a child’s safety is when ideas and opinions lead on to violence, or to a child trying to leave the country against the wishes of their family.

The government recently introduced a law to make it compulsory for  schools to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism. This duty on schools is called the PREVENT duty. At Broomhill Bank School we take this duty very seriously and have implemented a whole school strategy to ensure that all members of the school community understand and make an active contribution to  keeping students safe.

Our PREVENT strategy sets out:

More information about  the PREVENT duty for schools; 

What we do at Broomhill Bank School to protect young people from the risk of extremism and radicalisation and to promote British values;

What you, as parents, can do to protect your child.

More information for parents

Parents play a primary role in keeping their child safe. As a parent you may be worried about how extremism and radicalisation might affect your child.

If you are concerned that your child’s behaviour crosses the line into extremism, or you are worried your child is at risk of radicalisation sources of further information and advice can be found below by clicking on the link.

Click here to download the file Victus - Parents' Guide to Extremism and Radicalisation

Confidential helpline

The Active Change Foundation (ACF) provide a confidential helpline to prevent British nationals from travelling to conflict zones. ACF Confidential helpline telephone number is 020 8539 2770

Keeping Children and Young People Safe Against Radicalisation and Extremism

You can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

Anyone with concerns for the safety or wellbeing of a child or young person can contact:

Children’s Social Care Services
Call: 03000 41 11 11 Text relay: 18001 03000 41 11 11 Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm
County Hall, Maidstone, ME14 1XQ

Imminent threat of harm to others contact:

Police 999 or Anti Terrorist Hotline 0800 789 321

Further Sources of Support and Information

School – If you have a concern please talk to your child’s class teacher or another person in the school that you trust as soon as possible. They will be able to help and can access support for you and your child.

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