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Exam Results

At Broomhill Bank School, we have high aspirations for our students and give them every opportunity to achieve qualifications at a range of levels, suited to their abilities and interests.  The individual needs and learning pathways for our students mean that their timelines for the completion of accredited courses do not always match the chronological age of their mainstream counterparts.  Candidates will be entered for examinations when they are ready to do so, resulting in students completing courses for the first time when in the 6th Form for example.  We seek to enable students to achieve qualifications at all levels and at all grades; this also means that we will encourage them to resit courses to improve their grades where appropriate, particularly in core subjects.  We celebrate all of our students’ achievements and have over the years seen students awarded qualifications from Entry Level 1 to A Level grade A.

Our approach to qualifications and accredited courses means that there is a ‘mismatch’ between the results in our published performance tables, and the yearly results achieved by all students at the school.  For further clarification, here are our GCSE results since 2015.


Year Entries 9-4 % 9-1% 
2015-2016  119



2016- 2017

140 19.3% 88.6%

2017 -2018 

177 14.1% 90.4%


170 27.1% 95.9%


200 54.5% 99.5%


152 45.4% 98.7%


217 38.2% 96.3 % 


224 25.0 % 89.3% 

For further information about our results and approach to accredited pathways, please contact the school

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