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Speech and Language

Speech & Language at Broomhill Bank School

At Broomhill Bank School, the Speech and Language Team provision reflects a holistic approach to meeting all students' individual Speech Language and Communication Needs. The team takes a multidisciplinary approach, working closely with Occupational Therapy, Pastoral and Outreach Support teams to ensure that identification and delivery of Speech and Language provision supports the individual needs of the student. The team works closely across both sites to ensure a collaborative approach to provision is maintained.

The Speech and Language Team also work in partnership with the Senior Leadership Team to identify training needs and provide in-house training to staff.

Meet the Team

The Speech and Language Team at Broomhill Bank provides a specialised service delivered as an integral part of students’ education. The Speech and Language Team consists of:

Two Specialist Speech and Language Therapists, to provide a two-strand service to Broomhill Bank School 3 days per week. One NHS Therapist is contracted for 2 days a week, and another employed by the school for a total of 3 days over both sites.

Three Speech and Language Therapy Higher Level Teaching Assistants.

Marilyn Scott – School Speech & Language Therapist

Marilyn holds an MA in Voice Studies from London University and a Diploma in Speech Therapy from the West End Speech Therapy Training College. Marilyn has over 30 years of experience working within a variety of settings including the NHS, specialist education and the independent sector. Marilyn has specialised experience with ASD, SCLN, and Dyspraxia, and has a special interest in Voice. She joined Broomhill Bank 3 years ago in a Locum capacity, and is now employed by the School to work 3 days across both sites.

Julie Long – Speech & Language HLTA (West)

Julie has worked in Special Education since 1999, gaining a breadth of experience and knowledge supporting young people with Speech, Language and Communication needs, as well as challenging behaviour. She holds a Level 4 Advanced Certificate in Support for Learners with Autistic Spectrum Disorders within Mainstream and Specialist Settings, and qualifications in a number of specialised strategies, including Foundation and Enhanced Makaton. She has worked at Broomhill Bank for 10 years across the school, joining the S&L department full time in 2013, Julie helped to establish the S&L department at Broomhill Bank School (North) in 2015, before returning to work 4 days a week at the West site.

Franki Gower – Speech & Language HLTA (West)

Franki has a Foundation degree in Early Years and Education and a level 4 Advanced Certificate in Support for Learners with Autistic Spectrum Disorders within Mainstream and Specialist Settings. She also qualified in Lego Therapy in 2014 and completed the Makaton Foundation Workshop in 2015. Franki has 5 years of experience working with students with SEND at a Centre for Autism in a Mainstream Primary School. She joined the Speech and Language Team at Broomhill Bank School in 2015 as a Specialist Teaching Assistant. Franki works 2 days a week in the Speech and Language department at Broomhill Bank School (West) and 3 days a week within the STLS Team in her role as Outreach Support.

Lucy Soper – Speech & Language HLTA (West)

Lucy joined BBSW in 2016, working primarily with the Pastoral Team, coming from a Pastoral and Safeguarding background. Having worked in both Primary and Secondary schools for more than 14 years, she has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience through working with students with a variety of needs, including ASD, ADHD, Selective Mutism and behavioural difficulties. Lucy has attended the Early Bird+ course alongside taking advantage of lots of other training opportunities, including Drawing & Talking Therapy and Attachment Disorder. Lucy also has a special interest in girls with ASD.

Julie M. Sullivan – Speech & Language HLTA (Sixth Form - West)

Julie joined Broomhill Bank School 4 years ago as part of the Sixth Form team, having previously worked in education for approximately 10 years. After acquiring a BA Honours in Education, specialising in Special Education Needs, she has continued delivering SALT interventions for students in KS5 throughout this time.

Speech & Language Therapy Provision at Broomhill Bank

Channels of Communication

The Speech and Language Team works with students who have difficulties with the following:

  • Understanding spoken language (Comprehension / Receptive Language)
  • Use of vocabulary and sentences (Expression)
  • Speech sounds and pronunciation (Phonology)
  • Fluency/stammering or voice quality
  • Auditory processing and active listening skills
  • Social communication, including difficulties associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

‹Timetabled Lessons

Currently each year group in years 7-11 attends at least 1 timetabled C&I lesson per week. Students are differentiated into appropriate groups, and follow a targeted programme suitable for their SLCN.

In Class Communication and Interaction Support

In order to support students in accessing the curriculum, the Speech and Language Team work with staff across the school to support them in feeling confident with a variety of communication and interaction skills and strategies. 

Targeted Interventions

The Speech and Language Team identify and deliver targeted small group interventions during pastoral times or during lesson time to support students with specific difficulties relating to inference skills, verbal reasoning, language organisation, self-awareness and word retrieval. 

1 – 1 Interventions

If students are having a specific social communication difficulty, 1-1 support to complete a personalised target may be appropriate. Following a multidisciplinary meeting, the Speech and Language Team may offer a period of weekly sessions to support students to develop their understanding and ability to use appropriate strategies.

Channels of Communication

Coffee Morning for new parents

Parents of all new students entering Broomhill Bank are invited to attend the Therapy Team (OT and S&L) Introductory Morning. During the session, each of the teams describe the provision and content of therapy within the school. This is also an opportunity to find out more about assessment pathways, interventions and resources available for students. 

School Contact Book/ Phone Calls

The Speech and Language Team will use the school planner/contact book, or will telephone to keep parents/carers informed about any interventions their child is accessing and/or report on progress.

Reports and written contributions

Assessed students will receive a Speech and Language report / strategy sheet or a written contribution, which will be included in their annual review paperwork. Other members of the team may also provide strategy sheets as appropriate.

How to Contact the Speech and Language Team

The S&L Team welcomes and encourages close liaison with parents/carers. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s Speech and Language needs please do not hesitate to contact the Team in school, leave a message with the School Office or document your query in the home contact book/planner.

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