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Who we are

Specialist Teaching and Learning Service (STLS)

Who we are:

Anca Pauwels C&L Specialist Teacher & District Lead
Julie Goodfellow Business Support Officer
Zoe Brockington SEMH Specialist Teacher
Marie Donoghue C&L/C&I Specialist Teacher 
James Gritten EY Specialist Teacher
James Lawton C&I Specialist Teacher
Valerie Seminario Specialist Support Practitioner


Tunbridge Wells Specialist Teaching and Learning Service (STLS) are part of Broomhill Bank School.  We work in partnership with Oakley School and aim to provide advice and support to Early Years settings and schools to build the capacity to deliver high quality provision and inclusive practice for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) to ensure their successful inclusion in mainstream settings.  Tunbridge Wells STLS organise and run the Local Inclusion Forum Team (LIFT) Process along with the Kent Educational Psychology Service, LIFT provides a structure to support schools within the District.

The Service can be accessed by early year’s settings and mainstream schools through the Local Inclusion Forum Team meetings (LIFT).

Inclusion Forum Team Meetings (LIFT)

LIFT meetings take place once a term and give SENCo’s an opportunity to refer and discuss a pupil to get advice and guidance on how to best support them. The EY setting or school must also demonstrate what has been tried already with the child/pupil and that best endeavours have been used.

If a referral is made this is done using the EY or School referral form found on Kelsi (see link below) and must include a signed parental agreement form to ensure informed parental consent.

More information via Kelsi

The referral forms are sent by email (schools) or post (EY) to Julie Goodfellow.

There are 4 main outcomes from a LIFT discussion:

Advice, support and ideas from the solution focused peer discussion at the meeting

Access to training programmes or the opportunity for bespoke training

Peer to peer support from another school

Specialist Intervention from a specialist teacher, special school outreach teacher, Educational Psychologist (through the core discretionary offer or commissioning), Provision Evaluation Officers, Early Help involvement or other district based SEND provider. Recommendations for referrals to other specialist services such as Speech and Language or CAMHS.

The STLS and Outreach offer is overseen by The LIFT Executive which meets termly to make strategic decisions about the allocation of funds to meet the district need.

Members of the LIFT Executive include:

Head teachers of District Schools (annual membership)

Head teachers of District Special Schools

District Lead for STLS outreach

Senior Educational Psychologist

Early Years Representative

Provision and Evaluation Officer

Lead for Primary Provision (TRACKS)

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