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Staff List

S T A F F   L I S T   –  B R O O M H I L L   B A N K   S C H O O L – updated November 2021

Senior Leadership Team

Mr S Ackerley

Executive Headteacher

Mr D Whitehouse

Head of School - West

Mr J Specht Acting Head of School - North
Mrs E Andrade Director of Business, Estates and Communication - West & North
Miss J Milne Head of Residential Care & Safeguarding - West & North
Mr Batchelor Deputy Head of School - Sixth Form - West & North
Mrs L Burnand Deputy Head of School - West & North

Mrs E Davie

Deputy Head of School - West & North

Mr J Moreira Deputy Head of School - North

Teaching Staff

West Site Teachers and Teaching Role

Miss N Baldwin

Year 7 Lead / Science Teacher  

Mr M Barratt

Humanities Lead 

Mr J Bland

Maths Teacher 

Mrs S Brooks-Regan

Maths Lead 

Ms N Campbell Art Teacher

Mr C Cook

Maths Teacher

Mr M Day

Design Technology Teacher / Form Tutor 

Miss P Diamond

Year 8 Lead / Art / Design Technology Teacher / Form Tutor 

Mrs N Edgerton Second in Charge for Art & Design Technology Teacher

Mrs F Fairy

Performing Arts Teacher 

Mrs L Francis

Performing Arts Lead / Form Tutor

Mrs J Gibson

English Teacher 

Miss F Gower Opal Teacher
Mr J Gray ICT / Computing Teacher

Mrs J Harris

Literacy Lead Access Curriculum

Miss A Jenner

Humanities Teacher / Sixth Form Tutor 

Ms T Kora Design Technology Teacher

Mrs N Law

Science Teacher / Form Tutor 

Mr D Noakes

Maths Teacher 

Miss C Rainbow

Year 9 Lead / Design Technology Teacher / Form Tutor 

Miss L Sadler

Second in Charge for Performing Arts (Dance & Drama)  Teacher 

Mr C Santos

Second in Charge PE Teacher West / Sixth Form Tutor 

Mr J Silk-Satterley

Science Teacher 

Mrs A Smith Science Lead

Mrs C Stapleton

Year 10 Lead / English Teacher / Form Tutor 

Mrs A Sterling Maths Teacher (Unqualified)

Mrs J Tengroth

English Teacher 

Mrs S Tier

Art Teacher 

Miss M Walters

Humanities Teacher 

Mr J Watkinson Science Teacher (Unqualified)

Ms D Westwater

Second in Charge English / Form Tutor

Mrs G Whitehouse

English Teacher

North Site Teachers and Teaching Roles
Mr M Boorman PE Lead
Mrs M Chahal Maths Teacher (Unqualified) / Sixth Form Tutor
Mrs D Dadswell Second in Charge PE & Outdoor Learning (North)
Mrs S Hinman Art / Design Technology Lead 
Mrs I Izzawati Maths Teacher / Year 8 Form Tutor
Mr J Keen Second in Charge Performing Arts / Year 9 Form Tutor (North)
Mrs Y Kwok English Teacher / Year 9 Form Tutor
Mr W McNair Maths Teacher / Sixth Form Tutor
Mrs S McNicoll Year 8 and 9 Lead / Science Teacher 
Ms S Morgan Year 7 Lead (North) Humanities Teacher
Mr C Ryder English Lead / Sixth Form Tutor
Mrs A Salt DT Teacher / Year 10 Form Tutor
Mrs A Scarry 16+ Lead  / Science Teacher (North)
Mr E Sealy IT & Computing Lead 

Specialist Teaching and Learning Services

Mrs J Goodfellow Business Admin Officer Mr J Gritten Early Years Specialist Teacher
Mr J Lawton Specialist Teacher Mrs A Pauwels Specialist Teacher
Mrs C Simmonds Specialist Teacher - SEMH Mrs Z Brockington Specialist Teacher - SEMH

Teaching Assistants

West Site
Mrs J O'Mahoney Teaching Assistant Manager
Miss M Ashby Teaching Assistant
Miss B Betts Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Bhandari Teaching Assistant  
Miss F Birtles Teaching Assistant
Mr D Brook-Child Forest School 
Mrs J A Chapman Teaching Assistant
Miss S Chapman Cover Supervisor
Miss E Clark Teaching Assistant
Mrs I Creasey Teaching Assistant
Ms N Davies Teaching Assistant
Ms K Dougal Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Flisik Teaching Assistant
Ms S Gale Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Kemp Teaching Assistant
Miss L Kemp Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Ireland Teaching Assistant
Miss K Lane Teaching Assistant
Miss Y Layzell Teaching Assistant
Mr J Marchant- Deadman Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Nisbet Teaching Assistant
Miss M Pintat Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Ratchford Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Sixth Form
Mrs C Salazar Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Soper Key Stage 5 Lead - 16+ Lead West
Mrs J Sullivan Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Taylor  Year 11 Lead - West
Miss H Thorpe Teaching Assistant
Miss M Tomas Teaching Assistant
Mrs W Vaughan Teaching Assistant
North Site
Mrs K Williamson Teaching Assistant Manager
Miss S Abbott Teaching Assistant / Year 9 Co Form Tutor
Mrs J Back Teaching Assistant
Miss S Badham Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Biggerstaf Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Board Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Cagliyan Teaching Assistant
Miss E Carey Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Cook Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Gowlett Higher Level Teaching Assistant / Year 7 Co Form Tutor
Miss S Hanley Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Martin Teaching Assistant
Ms K Murphy Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Ms K Neild Teaching Assistant / Year 11 Co Form Tutor
Miss B Nicholson Cover Supervisor
Mrs T Salam Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Sandhu Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Shah Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss J Thorpe Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Turner Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Youell Teaching Assistant / Year 11 Co Form Tutor


West Site
Mrs N Barrachina Pastoral Support Officer
Mrs S Barton Children in Care & Previous Looked After Children Support
Mrs R Bettice Deputy DSL Lead - West
Mrs K Brook - Child Lead Pastoral - West
Mrs D Lambert Pastoral Support Officer - West
Mrs A Novella Family Liaison Officer
Mrs L Patino-Strand Pastoral Support Officer - West
Mrs S Scott-Skinner Medical Liaison Officer
Mr K Blake HLTA - Pastoral Support Officer - West
Mrs N Dahmen Family Liaison Officer
Mrs Tara Jones Pastoral Support Officer
North Site
Miss S A'Court Key Stage 4 Assistant Lead - North
Mrs C Bridle HLTA - Pastoral Support Officer - North
Mrs B Orchin Pastoral & DSL Lead - North
Mrs D Gregory Pastoral Support Officer - North
Mrs M Pallister Pastoral Support Officer - North
Mrs K Pham Family Liasion Officer - North

Outreach Team

Mrs V Brann Outreach Co-ordinator Mrs D Joseph Outreach Support Officer


Mrs M Cook Speech & Language Therapy Lead Mrs M Scott Speech & Language Therapist
Mrs S Dunbar Occupational Therapist Mrs J Stone Occupational Therapist 
Mrs R Fleet Occupational Therapist Assistant Ms N Tilstone Student Play Therapist
Mrs H Gamble Speech & Language Therapist Mrs T Deiton Occupational Therapist
Mrs J Long HLTA -  Speech & Language  Ms T Barkway HLTA - Speech & Language 
Mrs G Paul HLTA - Speech & Language Miss G Earley HLTA - Speech & Language
Mrs K Marshall TA - Speech & Language    

Residential Care – North Site

Miss J Milne Head of Residential Care & Safeguarding Mrs S Matthews Keyworker
Miss S Charleton Residential Child Care Worker Mrs D Baker Keyworker
Miss L Clifford Deputy Head of Residential Care Mrs L Palmer House Lead
Miss J Hammell Keyworker Mrs E Rand Senior Keyworker
Mrs A Headley House Lead Mrs T Henley House Lead
Mr W Humphrey House Lead Mr D Stott Keyworker
Miss G Jacobs Keyworker    
Miss L Murphy Keyworker    


Mrs L Alvey Finance Officer – West Mrs S Goulter Data & Attendance Officer
Mrs E Ball Business Admin Officer– North Mrs M Litchfield EHCP Administrator
Mr B Barnes Finance Officer Mrs C Marsh

Business Admin Officer - Communication

Mrs D Black Human Resource Officer Mrs K Maunder Business Admin Officer - Pastoral & Clerk to the Governors
Miss S Dodd Human Resource Manager Mrs C Reed Lead Data / Exams Officer
Mrs L Dugdale Business Admin Officer - Residential Miss M Warner Business Admin Officer - North
Mrs R Terry Admissions Officer Mrs A Waters Business Admin Officer - West

Catering Team

Mrs L Johnson Catering Manager Miss G Walkling Catering Assistant
Mrs S Churchouse Catering Assistant Mrs A Nathanael Catering Assistant
Mrs E Roots Catering Assistant    

Cleaning Team

Mr D Fenton Cleaner Mrs S Szatkowski Cleaner
Mrs P Hawkins Cleaner Mrs L Lock Cleaner

Site Team

Mr D Fink Site Manager – West & North Mr P Hanson Assistant Site Manager - North
Mr G Lock Assistant Caretaker - West Mr J Youell Assistant Caretaker - North
Mr J Fleet Assistant Caretaker - West Mrs T Higgins Assistant Caretaker - North
Mr W Carter Assistant Caretaker - mini bus Driver    


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